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Did you hear about my new rewards program?? You are now able to earn rewards points called “peaches”, which can later be exchanged for great discounts!

Click the “Peach Rewards” (gift box on mobile) button on the left bottom corner!
Here is how to start earning some peaches right now!

One-time offers:

  • Register on the website & sign up for the program = 200 peaches
  • Share on Facebook = 25 peaches
  • Like on my Facebook Page = 100 peaches
  • Follow Peach Stitch on Instagram and receive another 100 peaches

Continuous offers:

  • Every $1 spent on your order = 2 peaches
  • Celebrating your birthday? Every year 200 peaches will be yours on your happy day!
  • Friends you refer will be getting 10% off their first order, and you - 250 peaches!

Each one of the actions above can only be done through the website using the “Your Peaches” button.

Plus, you can now constantly earn peaches in my Peach Stitch ~ VIP members Facebook group, or even on your own pages (tagging goes a long way)! These points will be added manually by me. Just let me know what name you used for registering if it's not the same as on Facebook:

  • Each photo-in-use share in the group = 10 peaches!
  • Post your #happymail pic in the group = 10 peaches!
  • Each FB or IG tag and permission to share = 10 peaches!
Thank you for shopping with Peach Stitch! Let’s have fun! <3
With love, Rachel