Happy Little Pixels
White Sho-Shoshie bonnet and over-wrap set
Rochelle Skovran Photography
Ruby , Ruby chunky layer
Norma Fayak Photography
La'Coco bonnet, wrap in Cream
Sweet Little You
La’Coco bonnet, wrap, Breezy layer in {Ice Bunny}
Lindsey Reid Photography
Eidel bonnet and over-wrap set
Elia bonnet, wrap, curly blanket set
Tanya Raine Photography
Hello Little - Milwaukee
Eidel bonnet and over-wrap set


Hi there! I'm happy to offer you my lovely selection of photography props made with some of the most luxurious yarn - each one embroidered with a thread of my own heart & soul. Welcome to the little prop world of Peach Stitch <3

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With love, Rachel