Hi there! My name is Rachel. :)
Babies were always a part of my life. I'm the oldest sister of three beautiful girls and two adorable boys. I miss the time when they were the cutest little humans ever. My baby daughter was born in September, 2016, and thanks to that I was introduced to the newborn photography art.

Seeing the hard work of my photographer friend made me want to become a part of this amazing industry. This photographer offered me to try making layering blankets for her, but I was a little scared at first. One of my friends taught me knitting not too long ago, but knitting scarfs was too boring for me, so I kind of quit before even properly starting. I even thought that by now I must have forgotten how to hold a knitting needle in my hand. 

Days have passed before I finally had the courage to decide that I will give it a try! I bought 3 gorgeous skeins of handspun yarn, big needles and almost instantly recalled everything I learned. And best of all - I actually loved it!

It is such a special feeling - seeing your handmade props on gorgeous images of little babies. Just the thought of my prop becoming a part of an art piece, makes me feel awesome every time it happens.

Since then I bought a lot of colorful skeins of yarn, a whole collection of needles, many gorgeous patterns, and spent countless hours learning, practicing and perfecting my craft. I'm so happy that now I have the ability and the honor to offer you my lovely photography props made with some of the most luxurious yarn - each one embroidered with a thread of my own heart & soul.