Did you hear about my rewards program?? You are able to earn rewards points called “peaches”, which can later be exchanged for discounts!

Click the “Peach Rewards” (gift box on mobile) button on the left bottom corner!
Here is how to start earning some peaches right now! Check the "Ways to earn section".

One-time offers:

  • Activate your account with the email you use at checkout = 200 peaches
  • Follow Peach Stitch on Instagram and receive another 100 peaches

Continuous offers:

  • Every $1 spent on your order = 2 peaches
  • Celebrating your birthday? Every year 200 peaches will be yours on your happy day!
  • Friends you refer will be getting 10% off their first order, and you - 500 peaches!

To redeem open the "Ways to redeem" section and choose the discount code you'd like, then apply at the checkout. 

Thank you for shopping with Peach Stitch! Let’s have fun! <3

With love, Rachel 
P.S. The reward can't be redeemed on custom orders and preorders, but you still will be getting Peaches for those purchases.
P.P.S. I do combine orders but if the second order was placed using the points just earned with the previous order - the second shipping charge won’t be refunded (unless you had enough points before placing the first order).
P.P.P.S. The discounts codes can't be applied for the invoices (unless it was changed by Shopify by the time you read it). So if your order is from a RTS Facebook sale - the best way to redeem is to message me, so I'd redeem your points manually. If you'll get a discount code but I'll have to manually apply the discount and then deactivate the code - your code will still show up in your account as unused which can be misleading and confusing in the future:)